Invigor – Inspired By Creed Viking

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Invigor is a masculine woody aromatic scent. It is a strong combination of aromatic, woody, green, citrus, fresh, spicy, lavender, rose, warm, spicy, and earthy accords. Pink pepper, spicy mint, bergamot, lemon, absinthe, and orange are the top notes. Lavender, bulgarian rose, clove allspice, jasmine, and orris root comprise the middle notes. Vetiver, cedar, white musk, and tonka bean make up the base notes. The scent is a hybrid of traditional masculines and current fougeres. With the exception of winter, this is a must-have scent for all seasons.

1 review for Invigor – Inspired By Creed Viking

  1. Shayan ahmed jamali

    The opening and dry down notes are almost same which is hard to find in local house creations, loved the product

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